Hello! I'm a student at Oxford, and an aesthete, really. I enjoy beauty and drinks. Depending on day, it might not be in that order. I also enjoy the company of the lovely and talented Charles Ryder. Charles' description of me: "Sebastian Flyte, former Oxford student, devilishly handsome, loves bears and pretty things. :3"

//->RP blog for Sebastian Flyte from Brideshead Revisited. FC: Anthony Andrews M!A: None, but accepting. If you're looking for the Pages of Life RP, go to sebastian-againsttheworld, this is the independent version.

brideshead makes me a little uncomfortable now bc i had a relationship exactly like that bt charles and sebastian and it fucked me up

sebastian will probably never be able to love or trust anyone fully again, you have to realise, i dumped all my heart and love into the relationhip and then the person stopped caring about me and started focusing on themselves

charles ryder is a terrible person and probably ruined sebastian even further bye

another reminder - blacklist ‘namesake’ if you don’t want to see pictures of st sebastian

if you like st sebastian then go on that tag and have fun